Local History Books across the East Hills District

Andrew's books were written and published between 2004 and 2023 and have sold in excess of 10000 copies which in aggregate terms are an equivalent to an Australian best seller. However lots of people are still only finding out about them on Facebook, Funerals or Special Birthdays.

-> -> -> -> All NEW title were released in 2022 and 2023. <- <- <- <-

"Picnic Point: Then and Now" and "Milperra: Then and Now"

The books are $20.00 for 48 Full Colour A4 sized pages. About half the photos were never published before.

-> -> -> -> An all NEW title was released in 2019. <- <- <- <-

"A Pictorial History of East Hills from One Tree Point to the Vale of Ah"

The book is $30.00 for 210 A4 sized pages. More than 270 photos - 80 never published before.

The books are large A4 sized - The History of Padstow (280 pages); The History of Revesby (210 pages); The History of Panania Picnic Point and East Hills (250 pages); The History of Milperra (200 pages).

Andrew Molloy's local history books on the suburbs are $30 each (incl. GST)

How you can obtain the books:

1. Buy locally at one of two landmark local family businesses

The Professionals Real Estate Agency
2 Faraday Road
Padstow 2211


Call 0411 888 698
for local pick up

2. Contact us

Book Launch for my second book "The History of Revesby" with former Member for Banks, Mr Daryl Melham; (Andrew Molloy); former Member for East Hills, Mr Alan Ashton; former Mayor of Bankstown Helen Westwood; Councillors Max Parker and Allan Winterbottom. September 2004.

a review by former Member for East Hills, Alan Ashton

A review of the History of Padstow shortly after release:

"The book is in the fine tradition of a mixture of oral, pictorial, anecdotal and historical evidence based on maps, photographs, diagrams and the like, most of which have never been published or seen by most people in Bankstown."

"Andrew Molloy undertook his history completely on his own, not on a whim. I have reason to know that he was a great historian. He talks about the earliest land grants, the history of the Great Depression in Padstow, the speculators and the first settlers."

"Andrew Molloy also documents the years of progress up to 1931 and notes that the arrival of the rail line gave the suburb great impetus. He also chronicles Padstow before the Second World War and immediately afterward. He has included photographs of many of the shops in the early days of the district and mentions many of the famous Padstow families."

Extracts taken from: Corrected Copy NSW Legislative Assembly Hansard Article No.36 of 11/03/2004. THE HISTORY OF PADSTOW Page: 7191. Speaker: Mr ALAN ASHTON (East Hills) [5.17 p.m.] in PRIV; Private Members Statements.

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